Multilingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises (MLODE 2014), Sept. 1-2 in Leipzig, Germany

Why attend, which day?


LIDER Roadmapping workshop (Sept. 2nd)

We have asked over a dozen companies working in content  analysis to present their success stories and experience about the possibilities and barriers of the adoption of content analysis and Linked Data. See the complete line-up.

LIDER Hackathon – Content Analysis and the Semantic Web (Sept 1st)

Hackathon main page

The AKSW research group and the LIDER project  will provide bleeding-edge linked data experts who will help you and provide technical counselling and hands-on help.

So bring your laptop (or send your dev, if you are CEO), we offer:

  • individual coaching
  • gain training in applying best practices
  • receive help in generating Linked Data from your assets
  • get tips on open-source frameworks

See the confirmed topics

MLODE/LIDER Networking Session (Sept 2nd, lunch break)

MLODE Community Meetings and Break-Out Sessions (Sept 2nd, afternoon)

MLODE 2014 will take place on 1st and 2nd of September 2014 and will bring together developers, data producers, academia and enterprises and connect people, communities, data and industrial use cases. As Semantic Web research progresses, interest by practitioners, industry and infrastructure providers operating across language barriers increases. The Linked Open Data (LOD) community is enthusiastic about the new possibilities offered by new, vast multilingual resources. While it is clear that the Semantic Web is not a panacea, it has matured into a technology capable of addressing specific real world problems of globalisation faced by industry and the governmental sector.

For MLODE 2014, we will invite a mixture of industry, researchers and engineers. Our goal is to compare technologies and datasets developed before and in parallel to linked data, RDF and OWL with an open mind to find out what is the right strategy for the right type of problem.

This focus on effectiveness will allow industrial participants to get a good idea and overview of which technologies are ready for exploitation. The workshop will be very interactive and you are expected to help us achieve common goals:

  • Unifying the dictionary – how to connect traditional dictionaries with crowd-sourced and harvested resources

  • Building LOD-aware Natural Language Processing services

  • Generating Linked Open Data from Language Resources and improving the Linguistic LOD Cloud:

  • Business cases and removal of barriers for industry participation in Linked Data for natural language processing and for content internationalisation and localisation

  • Discussion on best practices on how to channel feedback from industry to open-source and academic communities

  • Generate a Roadmap for Linked Data & Language Technology in Europe

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